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Consumers are increasingly opting for an electric bike, scooter and probably soon also the electric kick scooter. Understandable as they offer many advantages: they are often faster, more durable and cheaper than the car. However, the value is often significant and e-bikes in particular are considerably more expensive to purchase than regular bicycles. That makes them popular items for theft. Consumers want to protect themselves against this and are looking for a solution that uses GPS. As a manufacturer, you have the solution in your hands: by offering the e-bike or e-scooter as a connected vehicle, equipped with a Tracefy GPS tracker. This not only offers extra protection. Connected as a functionality fits in seamlessly with the image of e-bikes and e-scooters as a high-tech product.

However, Tracefy goes further than just offering a GPS tracker: we offer an integral B2B* solution of both a GPS tracker and an online dashboard for organisations and/or app for end users.

*Our GPS-tracker is unfortunately (not) suitable for direct sales to consumers. 

Online dashboard and customer app

Online dashboard
Data from the GPS tracker such as location and trip data are processed in real time in the dashboard. Here you will find (almost) every conceivable functionality of GPS bundled. Reliable due to its high quality and widely applicable because of a universal GPS unit that fits and functions on or in any vehicle. Connected vehicles that use the Tracefy system in fact form a live and continuous test panel that generates new data on a daily basis. This provides answers to questions such as: how and where are the vehicles used? What is the average trip distance? How often is the vehicle used? Precious market research is then no longer necessary. Everything you need for targeted marketing activities and product development can be found in real time in our online dashboard.

Customer app
We offer end users access to their personal data via a special app. This allows them to virtually lock up the vehicle (geo-fencing) if they wish. When the vehicle starts moving, the end user receives a notification via the app. In addition, all trip data are clear and easy to download for mileage registration. As a manufacturer, you can also send a notification when the vehicle is ready for maintenance, for example after a set period or distance travelled.

Usage for consumermarket

For consumers: extra protection against theft
By equipping e-bikes or e-scooters with a GPS tracker, you offer consumers extra protection against theft and possibilities to easily find a stolen vehicle. This may also result in a lower insurance premium.

For producers: product development 
Your fleet of bicycles sold functions as an anonymous but structural test group that generates data on a daily basis. Valuable information about trip times, locations, distances, battery usage, etc. help to focus on product improvement and development and provide guidance in setting up appropriate warranty programs.

For producers: marketing
The customer app offers the possibility to get in touch with the end user and vice versa. The possibilities are endless. Think of:
-Sending an invitation to value the product;
-Offering a temporary or permanent possibility to make suggestions for product improvement;
-Informing about special (sports) events.

How Tracefy adds value for both consumers as producers

The consumer obtains:

  • Overview of individual trip data. Routes, distances, calories consumed, etc. 
  • Geo-fencing. An extra possibility for consumers to protect their bicycle against theft. In case of theft, a notification is sent to the owner’s smartphone. Tracking by means of accurate location data is, of course, a piece of cake. 
  • Simple administration. Consumers can easily export business kilometres (including commuting) and process them in their own administration.
  • Automatic notifications. Producers can use the app to send (automated) notifications when a vehicle is due for maintenance (e.g. after X kilometres driven).  

As a producer, you obtain not only a competitive advantage (an integrated GPS tracker in (expensive) bicycles offers a lot of added value for customers!), but also: 

  • Overview of the use of vehicles. Average ride lengths, heat maps, popular times, possibly combined with weather data. 
  • Communication possibilities with consumers via the app, for example, to announce events or invite them for a product review.