Asset management

Our lives are full of advanced technology and partly due to further digitisation and robotization, the value of company assets is also increasing. Construction equipment and company cars are used by various employees at different locations. This makes the planning (including any timely transport) and management of these assets a complex job. What's more, the valuable assets that are regularly left behind on location is at risk of theft. By equipping these assets with a Tracefy GPS tracker, you kill two birds with one stone: managing your assets becomes a piece of cake. What's more, you are extra protected against theft, because you can see the location of your assets at any time of the day. It doesn't matter what kind of assets you have: cars, trucks, shovels, forklifts. Anything is possible, as long as they have their own power source.

In order to set up the management as efficiently as possible, Tracefy goes a step further than just offering a GPS tracker: we offer an integral solution of both a GPS tracker and an online dashboard for the management of company assets. Data from the GPS tracker such as location and - in the case of vehicles - trip data are processed in real time in the dashboard. Here you will find (almost) all conceivable functionalities of GPS bundled together. Reliable due to its high quality and widely applicable because of a universal GPS unit that fits and functions on or in any vehicle or construction equipment. This gives you answers to questions such as: how and where are my assets located? How and where are vehicles used? This also makes it easy to plan any transport from location A to B. Everything you need for an efficient management of your assets can be found in real time in our online dashboard.

Usage for asset management

Planning and logistics
If you have a constant view on your fleet, planning them is a lot easier. Which vehicle is available, where is it and how long will it take to get it to a new location?

Extra protection against theft
By providing pricely assets with a GPS-tracker, you have an extra protection against theft. In the unfortunate event an asset gets lost or stolen, it's easy to locate and retrieve it. The accurate location data the GPS-tracker transmits simply points out where it is.

Client cases

Realtime insight available vehicle for breakdown assistance

Vreugdenhil uses the Tracefy GPS systeem for a realtime insight in what vehicle is available and closest to a customer in need of breakdown assistance.