Bike rental

In the Netherlands, more than 600 million euros worth of bicycles are stolen every year. Consumer bicycles, but increasingly also rental bicycles. E-bikes are especially popular. Theft insurance specifically for rental bicycles is very expensive. A Tracefy GPS tracker is therefore a good and affordable alternative.

Tracefy goes further than just offering a GPS tracker: we offer an integral solution of both a GPS tracker and an online dashboard. Data from the GPS tracker such as location and trip data are processed in real time in the dashboard. Here you will find (almost) every conceivable functionality of GPS bundled. Reliable due to its high quality and widely applicable because of a universal GPS unit that fits and functions on or in any vehicle. Say goodbye to loose lists and decisions based on assumptions: everything you need to manage your fleet effectively and efficiently is displayed in real time in our online dashboard!

Functionalities for fleet management of rental bicycles

Billing based on usage

In the case of rental partners, you can use our reporting function to invoice based on kilometers driven. After determining a kilometer price once, you can easily view how many kilometers have been driven every month. You send an invoice for each customer based on this.

Points of interest (POI) & reporting

All routes, trip data and stops are automatically updated. In addition, you can always see what time a specific bicycle was returned.


Learn from the data through our statistics function. Consider, for example, a clear overview of the average distance traveled by bicycle, per day or rental period.

Theft protection

By providing E-bikes with a GPS tracker, you have extra protection against theft and extensive options for easy tracking of a stolen E-Bike.

Fleet management for sharing and rental bikes with the Tracefy GPS system

Below follow some of the applications:

  • Insight into availability - Use the location option to inform customers in real time about the availability of vehicles at specific locations.
  • Safety - Easily avoid theft and track lost or misplaced vehicles with the location option.
  • Administration - Easily export trip data for mileage registration and/or invoice based on actual consumption. This can be per vehicle, per group, per fleet or even for different fleets.
  • Maintenance - Plan maintenance based on actual usage and wear and tear. On a mileage basis to be set by you, you will receive a notification that maintenance is required. This allows you to take timely action and prevent vehicle failures as a result of late scheduled maintenance.
  • Strategic planning - Use the collected data over longer periods of time for strategic planning, decision-making and research.

Client cases

All-inclusive maintenance services

iBike uses the Tracefy GPS system to be able to offer her customers all-inclusive maintenance services.  

Easy and accurate billing for rental e-bikes and kickscooters

Cycleshare uses the Tracefy GPS system for easy and accurate billing of her fleet of e-bikes and kickscooters, based on actual usage.