All-inclusive maintenance services

iBike uses the Tracefy GPS system to be able to offer her customers all-inclusive maintenance services.  

Company: iBike - a chain of bicycle shops with 8 branches in and near Antwerp (Belgium) with a focus on B2B customers. Customers of iBike often have small to medium fleets of small vehicles that are used for delivery and rental. 

Customer demand: iBike wants to offer its customers both insight into the location and usage of their vehicles and offer them extra services by taking the planning of maintenance out of their hands. 

Application: sales / expansion of services to customers

Tracefy in practice: iBike sells the Tracefy GPS tracker with margin to its customers and takes care of the installation in/on the vehicles. In addition, they offer their customers (paid) access to the data of their vehicles in the online dashboard. iBike can create, manage and invoice the necessary licences per customer. Moreover, taking the planning of maintenance out of their hands is a new form of service that would not be possible without using Tracefy's IoT solution.