Easy and accurate billing for rental e-bikes and kickscooters

Cycleshare uses the Tracefy GPS system for easy and accurate billing of her fleet of e-bikes and kickscooters, based on actual usage.

Company: Cycleshare - a company that supplies holiday parks and hotels with small vehicles for renting out to guests.

Customer demand: Cycleshare works on a no cure - no pay basis. So it's relevant for them and their customers to have an overview of the actual use of vehicles. This is the only way they can invoice appropriately and carry out maintenance on time. 

Application: improvement of business operations

Tracefy in practice: all electric vehicles that Cycleshare provides to customers are equipped with a Tracefy GPS tracker. When a vehicle is used, this is visible in real time. Invoicing has become child's play: accurate because it is based on actual use and without manual administration, both at Cycleshare and its customers. A win-win situation for both. Their customers don't have to worry about timely maintenance either. Moreover, insight into annual usage offers good starting points for a targeted expansion of fleets.