Realtime insight available vehicle for breakdown assistance

Vreugdenhil uses the Tracefy GPS systeem for a realtime insight in what vehicle is available and closest to a customer in need of breakdown assistance. 

Company: Vreugdenhil Berging - specialised in recovery, transport, breakdown assistance and calamity services for environmental incidents.

Customer demand: Vreugdenhil would like to have real-time insight into the location of its vehicles in order to further improve its services: optimal use of the fleet and even more accurate approach times. It was its preference to cooperate with a Dutch party in this respect. 

Application: Being able to respond more quickly to incidents through insight into where available vehicles are. Accurate location data is also important in communication with Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate for Public Works and Water Management) on possible necessary road closures. 

Tracefy in practice: Vreugdenhil recovery vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracker that provides exactly the functionality they need. No complicated installation: plug and play, and a lot cheaper in terms of pricing than the GPS solutions offered in the automotive industry. In addition to Tracefy’s online dashboard, all the data are visible in their own business systems via an API link.