The Tracefy Team

Tracefy is a young tech company with a team of enthusiastic professionals.

Our home base is 'de Loods'. De Loods is the ecosystem located in the Plaspoelpolder in Rijswijk, bordering The Hague and Delft. This high profile location has a central location which makes it easy to reach by both public transport and by car. De Loods is a super cool location where we can offer our fine team the facilities they deserve. A beautiful space, easy access, sports facilities, nice catering, workshops and lots of synergy with other Sheds. This is where the Tracefy team works on the further development of its services. Because technically, there is always more possible and Tracefy likes to push the boundaries!

Besides a love of innovation, technology and cake with coffee, the people in the Tracefy team have more in common: they are driven to improve existing mobility solutions. Moreover, they show that working on accessibility, sustainability and quality of the living environment go hand in hand with achieving simplicity and convenience for people.


Niels Penning

Sportsman with an enormous passion for cycling and practical technology. Devised a GPS solution for bicycles as an assignment at secondary school and then studied Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology. When his beloved bike was stolen, he decided to work on his GPS solution and gradually developed it into what it is today: an integrated fleet management solution.

Jeroen van Kester

Practically grew up in the bicycle and scooter shop that his father opened in 1971. He learned the trade there and built the family business from a small local shop to a leading regional company until he was ready for a new adventure. In 2017, he sold the business to focus full-time on another branch of the mobility industry: the development of Tracefy.


Greg Schouten

Active in IT since the age of 15, this field has no secrets for him. He has an insatiable hunger for new technologies and their application and improvement. With more than 15 years of experience in IoT, he is what you might call a veteran.

Boris Schouten

IoT installation in any type of vehicle is the ultimate challenge for Boris. He is originally an automotive electrician. Some fourteen years ago, he entered the IoT field through GPS solutions for fleet management of cars. Now he applies all his knowledge and experience to small vehicles.

Bas Ouwehand

Back-end developer with over 10 years of experience. He brings specific knowledge and experience in the field of track and trace functionality that is of course very suitable for the further development of our platform, specific customer requirements and APIs.

Daniel Schutterop

He is our IT infrastructure specialist who makes sure that all the great things we develop keep running. Another of Daniel's important jobs is ensuring the scalability of our dashboard, so that we have no limit to the number of vehicles we can connect to the Tracefy system.

Ferry Post

Ferry has several years of experience in the international automotive industry where mobility was a daily subject. At Tracefy, he is the contact person for shops and dealers who (want to) sell our GPS trackers for E-bikes and scooters to end users.

Feel free to contact him for more information:

Robin Steeman

Robin worked in car engineering for 9 years. When he reached a ceiling, he resigned. After travelling for some time, he found his new challenge in software development. While travelling, he learned different languages such as Japanese, but also Javascript :-). At Tracefy, Robin is responsible for the Front-End of the software.

Bas Kuppers

Bas started with us as an intern during his final year of technical business administration at The Hague University. For his studies, he was doing research on automotive engineering. His education, his research, his commitment and the fact that he is just a very nice guy who fits in well with the team, made sure that we did not let him go. Bas helps us with activities such as processing all orders, market research and installing GPS trackers at customers.

Astrid van der Zalm

Astrid knows everything about debtors, creditors, VAT, etc., and she is also an expert in WBSO! Which is great for a tech company like Tracefy. She is also crazy about bikes and has roots in the bike industry. Her grandfather was the founder of the well-known bicycle shop 'van der Zalm tweewielers' in Naaldwijk.

Joeri Abbo

Joeri started his adventures in IT when he was around 15 years old. Like many developers, he started his adventure with a hello world project and was also often busy with his Raspberry PI mini computers after school. Ten years later, the hello world projects have grown a bit bigger and the PIs have been traded in for big machines and servers. One thing that has not changed is that Joeri does not like to stand still, both literally and figuratively. For Tracefy, this is a very nice characteristic because it makes him a hard worker, a real team player and he shows a lot of initiative. In addition, he is eager to keep learning new things in the field of IT. 

Joerie Gerrits

Joerie has been in the bike industry for a while. He has more than 10 years' experience as an E-bike specialist in sales, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of E-bikes. Joerie has a combination of commercial and technical qualities, which we gladly make use of. He visits dealers to promote our products, provides support, helps customers with more complex installations and does research into the connection of our products with new E-bikes.

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