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The transition to a sharing economy means a shift from 'ownership' to 'use'. Ownership of a vehicle is becoming less important for moving from one location to another. People do want to have access to suitable transport whenever they want. The number of shared vehicles is therefore growing rapidly. As an operator of a fleet of shared vehicles, you naturally want to have insight into their use and possible optimisation. By using the Tracefy system, you avoid administrative hassle and have insight into exactly what you want to know about your fleet at a glance.

Tracefy goes further than simply offering a GPS tracker: Tracefy offers an integrated solution. The data from the Tracefy GPS tracker can be read out in an online dashboard. Data such as location and trip data are processed in real time in the dashboard. The Tracefy system thus offers everything you need to manage your fleet effectively and efficiently. Tracefy is reliable because of the high quality and widely deployable, because the GPS unit fits any vehicle.

Applications for shared vehicles and rental

Optimisation of fleet deployment

Thanks to the Tracefy dashboard, you can see at a glance how your fleet is 'performing'. For example, you can see whether all the vehicles are being used equally intensively, which pick-up and drop-off locations are popular and whether any adjustments are needed in the distribution of vehicles. In short: thanks to the information on the dashboard, you can respond easily, quickly and efficiently to the (changing) needs of users.


The Tracefy dashboard also shows how many kilometres a vehicle has been driven and in what kind of area. This makes it easier to estimate when a vehicle is due for maintenance. For each vehicle, you can set the number of kilometres driven that will trigger maintenance. You will then receive an automatic notification. When you receive a notification, you can see where the vehicle is located in the dashboard.

Billing on the basis of actual use

Thanks to the dashboard, you have insight into the use of each vehicle per hour, day, week or any other period. This makes invoicing on the basis of actual use incredibly simple. Not only pleasant for yourself, but also for your customers. Manually keeping track of trips becomes redundant. And that saves everyone time!

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Fleet management for shared vehicles with the Tracefy GPS system

The Tracefy system makes managing your fleet of electric shared vehicles 'a walk in the park':

Insight into location and availability

See in real time where vehicles are and if they are available.


Track lost, stolen or misplaced vehicles easily.


Easily export trip data for mileage registration, per vehicle, per group, per fleet or for different fleets


Receive a notification when maintenance is required and schedule maintenance based on actual usage and wear.

Strategic planning

Use long-term collected data for strategic planning, decision-making and research.

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