Customer examples

Are you starting to see how indispensable the Tracefy system is for your organisation? To inspire you even more, we have worked out a number of examples of how you can use our solution. Of course, much more is possible. So, feel free to contact us without obligation. We would be happy to think along with you about how Tracefy can contribute to your organisation's specific challenges.

Client cases

Efficient maintenanceplans lease e-bikes and scooters

GreenMo uses the Tracefy GPS system for efficient planning of maintenance of her fleet of lease vehicles.

All-inclusive maintenance services

iBike uses the Tracefy GPS system to be able to offer her customers all-inclusive maintenance services.  

Easy and accurate billing for rental e-bikes and kickscooters

Cycleshare uses the Tracefy GPS system for easy and accurate billing of her fleet of e-bikes and kickscooters, based on actual usage.

Realtime insight available vehicle for breakdown assistance

Vreugdenhil uses the Tracefy GPS systeem for a realtime insight in what vehicle is available and closest to a customer in need of breakdown assistance.