With the enormous growth in Internet purchases, the need for solutions to deliver orders to the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible is also increasing. Especially in urban areas, small, electric vehicles such as bicycles, scooters and sometimes levs are a quick option. Convenient for short distances, no traffic jams and easy to really deliver to the door. So many wishes, so many solutions: one would like to have their own fleet of vehicles, the other prefers to lease them, provided with a service package including maintenance and insurance and sometimes even a delivery driver. No matter how you set it up: everyone wants insight into the performance of deliverers and the fleet: do we achieve the service levels in terms of delivery times? Where is a delivery driver located and when will they be available for the next order? When is a vehicle due for maintenance? These are questions you would like answers to, but which can lead to extensive administration. Unless you use the Tracefy system! At any time of the day, you have insight into what you want to know about your fleet!

Tracefy goes a step further than just offering a GPS tracker: we offer an integral solution of both a GPS tracker and an online dashboard. Data from the GPS tracker such as location and trip data are processed in real time in the dashboard. Here you will find (almost) every conceivable functionality of GPS bundled. Reliable due to its high quality and widely applicable because of a universal GPS unit that fits and functions on or in any vehicle. Say goodbye to loose lists and decisions based on assumptions: everything you need to manage your fleet effectively and efficiently is displayed in real time in our online dashboard!

Usage for fleet management of delivery vehicles

Optimisation of service levels
The dashboard provides insight into the performance of your fleet and deliverers. You can see if agreed delivery times are being met. What are the fastest routes. Where a delivery driver is and when they can be deployed for the next order.

Service for the end user
With an API link, you can use real-time location data to give the end consumer insight into where their order is. Based on this, they see a realistic delivery time. Moreover, it prevents customers from contacting you by phone to ask what time they can expect their order. As a result, employees can continue to process orders calmly.

Where and how far are the vehicles driven? When is a vehicle in need of maintenance? For each vehicle, you can set that you will receive a notification for an X number of kilometres driven. This way, the system keeps track of when a vehicle needs maintenance and you no longer have to worry about it. As soon as you receive a notification, the dashboard shows where the vehicle is. Maintenance can then be carried out on site, or you can exchange the vehicle.

Benefits of the Tracefy GPS fleet managent system for delivery bikes

  • Insight in the status of the order - Use the location option to inform customers in real time about the availability of vehicles at specific locations or the status of their order via an API.
  • Optimise routes - Optimise (delivery) routes through route tracking and ensure that agreed service levels are met.
  • Maintenance - Plan maintenance based on actual usage and wear and tear. On a mileage basis to be set by you, you will receive a notification that maintenance is required. This allows you to take timely action and prevent vehicle failures as a result of late scheduled maintenance.
  • Strategic planning - Use the collected data over longer periods of time for strategic planning, decision-making and research.
  • Safety - Easily avoid theft and track lost or misplaced vehicles with the location option.

Client cases

Efficient maintenanceplans lease e-bikes and scooters

GreenMo uses the Tracefy GPS system for efficient planning of maintenance of her fleet of lease vehicles.