Receive up to 25% discount on your bike theft insurance

E-bike theft insurance premiums soaring. How do you still receive 25% discount?

According to a recent ANWB survey, the number of thefts in 2021 will almost double compared to 2020. CBS's Security Monitor 2021 already showed that 735,000 bikes were stolen in that year, equivalent to about 2,000 per day! In 2022, that increase continued and never before were so many bikes stolen.  Many insurers are therefore going to significantly increase premiums and tighten conditions. We give below the main changes from the three biggest bike insurers and a calculation example of what you can save on your insurance if you opt for the Tracefy bike protection.

Published: 04-04-2023


ENRA insurance by 1 April 2023
  • ENRA is increasing the premium for bikes by 10 per cent and for e-bikes by 12 per cent.
  • From 1 April 2023, a second lock will be mandatory on all e-bikes.
  • GPS tracker is mandatory on cargo bikes from a purchase price of €3500.
  • Discount on premium increased from 20% to 25% discount for e-bikes equipped with Tracefy bike security.


Kingpolis insurances per 1 May 2023
  • All e-bike premiums go up + 10% (region 1) + 20% (region 2) + 36% (region 3)
  • All e-bike premiums are going up, by how much percent has not yet been communicated.
  • Policy fees are increased from €6.50 to €8.47.
  • New at Kingpolis: GPS tracker mandatory for Urban Arrow and Riese & Muller E-bikes
  • New at Kingpolis is the introduction of the excess in case of theft, which is €50.
  • The excess for hull damage has been increased from €25 to €50
  • A second lock is mandatory (min. ART**) for e-bikes from an insured value of €2,000.


ANWB continuous bicycle insurance (per 1 April 2023)
  • ANWB discontinues own track&trace tracking transmitter and recommends Tracefy bike security.
  • There is a 20% discount on the theft premium for aftermarket connected bikes fitted with Tracefy bike security.
  • Always 5 years at new value without indexation and only continuous insurance (was 3 years with indexation).
  • Premiums will be increased from 1 May 2023, how much is still unknown.
  • Modular structure of coverages. Two rates based on Race&ATB and other. Electric is loose determinant of premium.

Calculation example savings on theft insurance for E-bikes fitted with Tracefy bike security.

Brand: Riese & Müller

Type: Supercharger GT Vario HS - Intuvia Display
Purchase price: €7219

Tracefy bicycle security

GPS tracker: €199
Recovery subscription 5 years: €325
Total: €524.

Insurance: ENRA
Postcode: Amsterdam
Premium per month: €55.28 per month

Discount: €13.82 per month (25% for E-bikes equipped with Tracefy)

Discount after 5 years of insurance: €829.20

Saving on your insurance over 5 years if you equip this bike with Tracefy bike protection is €305,- (€829.20 minus €524)

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