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The Tracefy GPS tracker is not available online. The tracker can only be installed at affiliated bike shops with physical shops or a mobile bike shop. Would you also like to become a Tracefy dealer and be able to offer your customer Tracefy's innovative services?

Fill in the form and Tracefy will contact you within two working days about the possibilities.

Position your company: innovative, modern and customer-oriented.
A new, innovative service for your customers that protects them against theft.
Emphasise your added value as a professional
Extra turnover through a new product with a good margin

Tracefy detection

When a vehicle is stolen, G4S makes sure that your vehicle is traced. G4S is the global market leader in safety and security solutions. They do this through close cooperation with customers and chain partners, extensive knowledge of various sectors and by continuously investing in qualified people and valuable innovations.

Bicycle tracking is available for the Netherlands and Belgium. The intention of G4S is to quickly expand this service further in Europe. Via the Tracefy app you can report your bicycle stolen. G4S then immediately takes action and tries to retrieve your bike. This succeeds in 90% of the cases.