Gfk E-bike Monitor: young people warming up to smart connectivity


Source: Tweewieler and Gfk

Published: 16-01-2023


GPS tracking important for young E-bike target group

What the quality of a battery, the range or the location of the motor is, young people care less than the average e-bike buyer. They, GfK's E-bike Monitor shows, consider the speed that can be achieved with an e-bike and technical gadgets such as tracking and connectivity to be at least as important.

From GfK's annual E-bike Monitor (with 2,000 respondents), the top reasons for consumers to choose an e-bike are still recreational use and commuting. A weighty reason is now being added: the ride to and from school by young people. Compared to the 2021 survey, a growing number of young people are grabbing the e-bike for the daily ride to school or college. The logical consequence of this trend is that the number of e-bike buyers in the 18-24 age group is rising. As a result, the average use per week is also increasing. As many as 45 per cent of e-bike buyers say they use the bike once or several times a day.

Technical gadgets important

Compared to the average e-bike buyer, what do young people consider important when buying a pedelec?

GfK asked for its E-bike Monitor. Young people appear to focus less on quality aspects of an e-bike. How safe a battery is and how long it lasts is indeed important to a young person, but much less decisive when buying than for the average e-bike buyer. The range and location of the motor also weighs more heavily on the average e-bike buyer's mind when buying than for youngsters aged 18 to 24.

What does excite young people when it comes to choosing an e-bike is the speed it can achieve and the presence of technical innovations such as GPS tracking and smart connectivity. The average e-bike buyer is much less interested in these than younger people.

GfK E-bike Monitor 2022

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