GPS Tracker bicycle

A GPS tracker for your bicycle is a handy tool to know where your bicycle is. In particular, bicycle theft is a big problem where the GPS tracker in your bicycle offers the solution.

The Netherlands is truly a country of bicycles, but there is always a chance of theft. In the shopping street, at the train station or at home from the garden. Unfortunately, it happens literally every day. With a GPS tracking system in your bicycle or ebike, there is a very good chance that your beautiful bike will be found.

Installing a GPS tracker

Our GPS tracker is called Tracefy. This bicycle GPS tracker is specially designed for the e bike and therefore uses the power from your bicycle battery. This way, your bike track and trace system is always provided with enough energy, so you can follow your bike.

The installation of the GPS tracker into your bicycle is done by our affiliated dealers. This offers a number of advantages. It is installed professionally and expertly. And it is done in such a way that it cannot be traced by thieves.

Hidden GPS tracker bicycle

Our GPS tracker is hidden in your bicycle. Mechanics and dealers affiliated with us do this for you. This way, it is invisible to you, but also to bicycle thieves, whether your bicycle is equipped with a tracker system. It is also less easy for thieves to disable it.

Best GPS tracker bicycle

Tracefy offers the best gps tracker for your bicycle or ebike. After having your track and trace bike system installed, you can not only follow your bike. You also have the possibility of a subscription where your bicycle is actively traced after theft. We do this in cooperation with G4S. This team is experienced in recovering stolen bicycles with our tracking system. This way, you don't get into any unnecessary conflicts and you leave it to the specialists who have dealt with this more often.

Bike security with GPS tracker

Securing your bike is always a challenge. You are never 100% sure that your bike will not be stolen. A good lock reduces the chances, but if it does get stolen, you still want to increase your chances of finding it again. A GPS tracker as bike security is the ideal tool to track your stolen bike again. Of course, you'd rather prevent than cure, but once your bike is gone, you'll be glad you have this tool.

Bike track and trace

With the track and trace option, you can follow your bike automatically. So you can see live if your bike is still in the spot where you left it, but you also get a message if it is moved. In addition, thanks to the track and trace function, you can see all the routes you rode, including the corresponding distances. This is great for gaining insight into your activities, including an estimate of the calories you used. In addition, the bike track & trace system also registers all kilometres driven, so you will periodically receive a notification when it is time for maintenance again. Handy! But the most important thing remains our bicycle track and trace system for bicycle theft and detection.

GPS tracker bicycle price

What does a bicycle GPS tracker cost? And how is the price for your bike gps tracker made up?
A fair question, because you want to know where you stand in terms of costs. You buy the system at one of our affiliated dealers. For this price, the installation is also taken care of. This can only be done by Tracefy dealers. In addition, Tracefy works with subscriptions. You can choose from two annual subscriptions. Choosing between basic connectivity or the extended package with theft and tracking.