Lost&Found: Gazelle E-bike


Brand: Gazelle E-bike 

Stolen on:  Saturday 22-07-2023

Retrieved: Saturday 22-07-2023


Gazelle E-bike stolen

On Saturday, July 22, Angèle's Gazelle E-bike was stolen. The bike turned out to be in a business park. She had called the police, but unfortunately they did not find the bike. It was probably somewhere in an underground garage.Subsequently, the bike was moved and moved a few times. We saw in the data that the GPS signal was strong and our suspicion was that the bike was somewhere outside on the same premises, so we went to have a look ourselves. 

When we got there, the bike turned out to be in a van. We then called the police who secured the bike and took away a suspect 💪🏻👮🏻.

Customer experience

This is what the customer in question wrote about us:

Angèle van der Heijden
Angèle van der Heijden
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Really super good and accurate GPS tracker and mega helpful people at Tracefy. Bike was stolen, drove myself to the last known position but unfortunately it was in a business area with a fence. Also contacted Tracefy regarding the theft report. We went to a movement action once ourselves but unfortunately could not find a bike. They monitored the tracker's movements and contacted us. Indicated that we had gone to watch but had not found a bike that night. When the bike was later moved again, they drove to that location, checked if the bike was there and contacted the police when they saw the bike. It was then confiscated. Truly a top action by Tracefy. The police later contacted Tracefy to see if they had any data on where the bike had been etc. they cooperated on that too. And the bike was released. Really super! I was already excited and because of this extra service even more so. Can definitely recommend the track & trace solution!