Lost&Found: Urban Arrow - Linda


Brand: Urban Arrow 

Stolen on: 22-05-2023 at 07.30

Retrieved: 22-05-2023 at 08.30


Urban Arrow stolen from Linda from The Hague

On Monday, 22 May around 07:30, Linda found out that her Urban Arrow had been stolen. She immediately called in Tracefy. She saw that the bike was only a few hundred metres away from her. Her friend then drove to the location and found the Urban Arrow under a tarpaulin... and immediately called the police. After about half an hour, the bike was back in the owner's possession.

Customer experience

This is what the customer in question wrote about us:

Linda de Jong
Linda de Jong
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Thanks to Tracefy, we recovered our stolen Urban Arrow. Reported it and was called back immediately by the switchboard. Finally recovered it ourselves, but very happy with the service from Tracefy.