Tracefy introduces GPS tracker with external antenna at Eurobike

We will be at the Eurobike in Frankfurt over the next few days to present our latest IoT innovations. One of these innovations is a GPS tracker with external antenna.

Tracefy has another eight years of experience in IoT solutions for two-wheelers and we are the market leader in the BeNeLux. Tens of thousands of bikes have already been equipped with our system and stolen bikes are recovered daily by the Tracefy team and our partners. To ensure that the GPS tracker remains untraceable in case of theft and is also suitable for e-bikes for which no GPS solution was available until now, we now also have a GPS unit with external antenna.

A bicycle is actually one of the most troublesome vehicles for GPS technology. This is because you cannot receive or transmit a GPS signal from a steel or aluminium frame (Faraday's cage). So far, the antenna of GPS trackers is always in the hardware unit itself. As a result, the GPS tracker must always be installed somewhere under plastic. With e-bikes, there are of course some options for that but it remains fairly limited and some models simply have no space at all. Tracefy is the first provider to now have a version available with an external antenna. This means that the GPS unit can simply be installed in the frame and only the antenna needs to be placed behind plastic. A GPS antenna is not much bigger than a pinhead, so there is a solution for every e-bike. We are happy to help OEMs determine the correct positioning and installation for their specific models and from September this year the unit will also be available for after-market.

A nice added benefit is that it becomes even more difficult to locate and disable the GPS tracker. This will be important for the future as bike thieves are also getting smarter.

You can find us in Hall 8 stand G02 until Sunday 25 June.


Published on Wednesday 21-06-2023

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