Tracefy is the first track & trace supplier for bicycles to receive Kiwa SCM certification

Manufacturers, insurers, alarm centres and investigation services have been in talks with Kiwa SCM for almost a year to arrive at an inspection regulation for track & trace systems. This regulation officially took effect on 1 January this year. From 15 February, suppliers could submit their systems for inspection in order to receive the 'Electronic Security Systems for Two-wheelers' quality mark as of 15 April if the results are good.

Tracefy was one of the first suppliers of track & trace products and services to receive the Kiwa SCM certificate. "We are super happy and proud to have been able to obtain the certificate so quickly for both the PRO and SOLO tracker. It has been quite an intensive process. The technology of our products and services is very well in order, but for the application it was important to document everything as well as possible and provide insights to Kiwa for a correct assessment. Kiwa naturally wanted to look at all (technical) documentation and processes in detail. We worked hard with the whole team to meet the deadline and we succeeded!" says Niels Penning, Tracefy's technical director.

Henk van Vliet, certification manager at Kiwa SCM, adds: 'In addition to meeting the requirements for technological features, such as providing short- and long-range tracking, there is also a practical test. Tracefy delivered six e-bikes to us equipped with their track & trace products. We hid these bikes in different places in the Netherlands. Tracefy was able to recover all six of these bikes together with their emergency response and detection service within 48 hours. So they passed with flying colours and I am therefore delighted to hereby be the first supplier to hand them the certificate!"

"We were immediately very excited about the Kiwa certification," says Penning. "Since 2014, our focus for 100% has been on developing high-quality track and trace products specifically for two-wheelers. Kiwa certification separates the wheat from the chaff and gives insurers more guidance and confidence as to which suppliers they are better off accepting or not. As for the aftermarket, the tracker must be fitted by a bicycle specialist. We now have more than 700 dealers and have always worked exclusively with dealers for sales and installation of our products. At the next stage, there will also be an approval scheme. This will state exactly what bicycle dealers have to do to get the bikes Kiwa certified. We have made this as simple as possible in our portal and will guide our dealers through this as best we can."

Published on Monday 15-04-2024

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