Tracefy alternative for non-insurable Fatbikes

A Tracefy GPS tracker in your fatbike, including a subscription to tracking is a good alternative to theft insurance, now that most bike insurers are banning fatbikes.

Fatbikes are stolen so frequently that many bike insurance providers have decided to stop insuring them. Kingpolis took the lead in this this spring followed by ANWB, Unigarant, Univé, ASR, Aegon, Fietszeker and ENRA Verzekeringen. Insurers say that the claims burden is getting out of hand, forcing them to ban these vehicles.

The Tracefy GPS tracker is a good alternative. Now that bike insurers have stopped insuring fatbikes and some cargobike brands, it is even more important to equip your e-bike with the Tracefy GPS Tracker. We recover some 90% of stolen bikes.

We also provide home installation, for more information or to order directly click here.

Published on Monday 18-09-2023

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