Welcome to Tracefy

The most beautiful inventions are often those that simplify and improve our everyday life, even when we were not aware that it could be better. Innovations that become so common so quickly that you can't imagine what it used to be like before. Just like our GPS solution for managing fleets of small (electric) vehicles. An innovation that makes something commonplace, as gaining and keeping insight into the locations, performance and required maintenance of a fleet, a walk in the park.

Our fleet management solution consists of a compact GPS tracker that provides the owner of e-bikes, e-scooters and other (e-)mobility vehicles with valuable data. In short, connected vehicles. These data are accessible in an online dashboard and/or app. A solid and at the same time flexible system, because the type and quantity of vehicles do not matter. So whether you have 10 electric kick scooters or a fleet of 1,000 kick e-scooters, e-bikes, scooters and cars: our system can handle it. We offer a universal solution for all types of electric vehicles.

Data exchange via connected vehicles

Our Tracefy system ensures that every type of electrical bicycle or scooter is connected and sends location data in real time. All by making smart use of GPS. We connect your vehicles to a powerful online platform where data exchange takes place. At any time of the day, you have insight into your vehicle fleet: where they are, how they perform, when they need maintenance. And the range is almost limitless. Whether a vehicle is in or out of town, our advanced tracking software has a highly accurate location view and can track it anywhere. That makes fleet management easy and fun!

Universal and patented

We have developed our system with user-friendliness as one of its main pillars. An intensive development process has resulted in one compact and universal GPS tracker, applicable for every type of (electric) vehicle: from kick scooter to car. Our technical solutions to allow a GPS tracker to function while built into a bicycle frame are unique and protected by a European patent.