Carefree on the road with Tracefy

An electric bike is valuable. Unfortunately, bicycle thieves know that too. Because you don't want your precious purchase to suddenly disappear, Tracefy offers you the solution: by using the Tracefy GPS tracker You never lose sight of your bike. An app will notify you when your bike is moved and you can always see in real time where it is. You can also use the app to look back at your routes, view all your ride statistics and the bike will notify you when it needs maintenance.

Why do you need a Tracefy GPS tracker?

You can have a GPS tracker fitted at one of the Tracefy dealers. Using the Tracefy system offers you the following options:

Secured against theft

Your bicycle will be easily found in case of theft.

Viewing cycled routes

You can review your cycling routes and distances

GPS location of your bike

You can easily find your bike if you can't remember where you put it.

Maintenance message

You will be notified when it is time for a service.

Discount on your insurance

Many insurers offer a substantial discount on an all-risk insurance policy if the Tracefy tracker is fitted.

A strong GPS tracker unique in design

The Tracefy GPS tracker is a small box that can be built invisibly into almost any e-bike. It contains various sensors such as GPS, WiFi, shock sensor and Bluetooth for optimal location determination. Because the tracker needs to be carefully installed, this should always be done at a bike shop.

Sending and receiving data requires power. The module gets its power from the e-bike's battery or motor and is also equipped with a small back-up battery that, if the e-bike's battery is flat, provides power for about a week. Our recommended retail price is €199.

Always connected with the Tracefy app

With the Tracefy app, you are always virtually connected to your bike and can see where your bike is, among other things. But the app offers many more useful features. You get a notification when your bicycle is moved and you can see all the routes and distances you have travelled. Is your bike stolen? Then you can easily report it via the app and the Tracefy detection service will get to work.

What can you do with the Tracefy app?

What does the Tracefy subscription cost?

Connectivity EU 1 year

Excluding detection after theft
per year
  • Current location bicycle
  • Geofencing (Virtual motion lock)
  • Cycle computer (distances, rides, speeds, etc)
  • Maintenance plans

Trace & Recovery 1 year

Including detection after theft
CAUTION: This subscription is only available in NL & BE
per year
  • Current location bicycle
  • Geofencing (Virtual motion lock)
  • Report bicycle theft
  • Cycle computer (distances, rides, speeds, etc)
  • Maintenance plans
  • Discount on bicycle insurance
  • Theft detection (90% recovery rate)

Do you also want a Tracefy GPS tracker in your e-bike?

Not everyone can install the Tracefy GPS tracker in your e-bike professionally. This is why Tracefy works exclusively with specialist bike shops for the sale and installation of the tracker. Via the dealer locator It's easy to find a dealer near you. If you have any questions about the GPS tracker or Tracefy services, please do not hesitate to contact us.