Fleet management
Pure convenience with Tracefy!
Managing a fleet of (small) electric vehicles can easily lead to extensive and complex administration. But with the Tracefy fleet management system, that's a thing of the past! Whether you're talking about ten e-bikes or a mix of a thousand e-scooters, -steps and -bikes: the Tracefy system can handle it. Using the Tracefy fleet management system gives you real-time insights. So you know exactly where your vehicles are, whether your fleet is being used optimally, how intensively the vehicles are being used and when maintenance is required. You could even track whether your scooter or bike delivery vehicles are achieving the set service levels. All this information can be read from a clear dashboard or app.

GPS tracker, online dashboard and connectivity in one solution

It is impossible to imagine modern mobility solutions without GPS technology. But the differences between the various devices are huge. For example, a simple GPS unit can only determine the location of a vehicle.
The Tracefy GPS tracker generates much more data and therefore offers an integral fleet management solution, in which (almost) every conceivable functionality is bundled: location, performance, state of maintenance. In a real-time online dashboard, you see everything you need to manage your fleet effectively and efficiently! Reliable because of the high quality and widely deployable because Tracefy's GPS unit is universal and fits every vehicle.

Strong in fleet management with Tracefy!

The Tracefy system makes managing your fleet of electric vehicles 'a walk in the park':

Insight into location and availability

See in real time where vehicles are and if they are available.

Optimising routes

Optimise (delivery) routes and guarantee agreed service levels.


Track lost, stolen or misplaced vehicles easily.


Easily export trip data for kilometre registration, per vehicle, per group, per fleet or for different fleets.


Receive a notification when maintenance is required and schedule maintenance based on actual usage and wear.

Strategic planning

Use long-term collected data for strategic planning, decision-making and research.

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