Get a grip on your electric vehicle with Tracefy

Inventions that improve and simplify everyday life are often the best. Especially if, at first, we didn't realise we could do any better. Such innovations become so commonplace so quickly that it is hard to imagine how one could ever live without them.

The Tracefy GPS solution for managing (fleets of) small (electric) vehicles is one such invention. An invisibly concealed GPS tracker gives owners of e-bikes, e-scooters and other (e-)mobility vehicles valuable data in real time, giving them insight into the location, performance and state of maintenance of each individual vehicle. The vehicles are thus 'connected'. All this data can be easily accessed in an online dashboard and/or in an app. Whether it is ten electric scooters or a fleet of a thousand e-bikes, scooters or cars: the Tracefy system can handle it. 

Data exchange through connected vehicles

With the Tracefy system, every type of electric bike, scooter or scooter is connected and sends real-time location data. By making smart use of GPS, we connect your vehicle(s) to a powerful online platform where data exchange takes place.

At any time of the day, you have insight into your vehicle(s): where they are, how they are performing, when they need maintenance. And the range is almost limitless. Whether a vehicle is in town or out and about, Tracefy's advanced tracking software provides highly accurate location information. It even alerts your phone if it's stolen! This makes fleet management easy and fun, and as a private person you can easily keep an eye on your bike and never miss a service.