Lost&Found: Gazelle Grenoble


Brand: Gazelle Grenoble

Stolen on: 08-05-2021

Retrieved from: 08-05-2021


The Gazelle was stolen in the area  Utrecht. This bike was still brand new and only a week old and we could see in the Tracefy system that the bike was being transported towards Belgium. Eventually, the bike came to a halt  in the Noorderkempen area. The investigation service then swung into action and when they arrived at location, they found an abandoned shed that was for rent. The investigation service then called in the police. When the police arrived and entered the shed, they not only found the stolen Gazelle there, but there were also around 300 other stolen E-bikes! The value of all the stolen bikes came to around €750,000. Three suspects were subsequently arrested on suspicion of handling and gang-related crime.

url to the article: https://nieuwsfiets.nu/2021/06/09/gps-tracker-leidt-naar-ruim-300-gestolen-e-bikes/