Lost&Found: Gazelle Makki


Brand: Gazelle Makki 

Stolen on: 13-02-2022 at 09:15

Retrieved: 13-02-2022 at 13.30


Catching crooks with Tracefy 'decoy bikes'. 

The Gazelle Makki was reported stolen in Belgium on Friday morning . We sent G4S and the police to the correct address.  The police did not get permission to enter the property. We saw about an hour later that the Gazelle Makki with Tracefy GPS tracker was moving towards the Netherlands. Again, we immediately contacted G4S and the police. About half an hour after the call, they had stopped a van near Venlo. They found the stolen Gazelle cargo bike and four more cargo bikes! The driver was immediately arrested and the cargo bikes have since been reunited with the owner. 

We are increasingly seeing multiple bikes being recovered using as little as one E-bike equipped with Tracefy! 

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Marjam Glastra
Marjam Glastra
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My bike back within two hours! Tracefy was quick to act.