Lost&Found: Urban Arrow


Brand: Urban Arrow 

Stolen on: 13-05-2023 overnight

Retrieved: 13-05-2023 later that night


Stolen Urban Arrow recovered by GPS tracker

On the night of Friday (12 May) to Saturday (13 May), firefighters from Laak station were called out to Elise van Calcarstraat for unfastening a lock attached to a stolen cargo bicycle.

The cargo bike was previously stolen in Rijswijk. The owner of the cargo bike fitted his precious property with a Tracefy GPS tracker. After the owner found out that his cargo bike had been stolen, he came to the location where it would be.

At this, he called the police. The officers were not provided with the necessary tools to cut the chain lock, whereupon the police called in the fire brigade to force the lock.

The bike was returned to its rightful owner and the owner was grateful to the emergency services. Despite the GPS tracker, the police were unable to make an arrest(s).

Customer experience

This is what the customer in question wrote about us:

David Fox
David Fox
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Bike got stolen and stupidly relocked by the thief within 500m, so Police were able to recover the bike within 20 minutes simply by using the tracefy app. But the real gem happened next, on my way home less than 15 minutes later i was detained for stealing the bike by the tracefy security agents😜, they were operating independently from the police and the only reason the police were so fast is because i had to report the bike stolen in the first place. Super fast service from these guys. Extremely polite and as friendly as could be when waiting for the police to arrive and give me the all clear with the police report from earlier. Very impressed with the speed at which they operated, it was probably less than 90 minutes from report, to finding me cycling home. Money well spent! Highly recommended for peace of mind....