Lost&Found: Urban Arrow - Amsterdam


Brand: Urban Arrow 

Stolen on:  19-06-2023 in the morning

Retrieved: 19-06-2023 at 18:00


Urban Arrow stolen and moved from Amsterdam to Zaandam

Robin's Urban Arrow cargobike had been reported stolen in the morning via the Tracefy app. The bike had since been moved from Amsterdam to Zaandam. Our own bikehunter was nearby and we then drove there ourselves to track down the bike. When we arrived at the location, the bike had been moved again. In cooperation with the police, the bike was then found in someone's backyard in Zaandam. The man who had taken the bike had several other stolen e-bikes on display. These were also taken by the police and the man was detained 💪🏻👮🏻

Customer experience

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Robin van Stripriaan
Robin van Stripriaan
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Our cargo bike was stolen, but fortunately Tracefy's staff located it within 10 hours of reporting it, so we will hopefully get it back soon (as soon as the police release it); absolutely top-notch, also the communication with Tracefy!!!