Lost&Found: Urban Arrow


Brand: Urban Arrow

Stolen on: 09-11-2022

Retrieved from: 10-11-2022


Haarlem bike had rented an Urban Arrow to a customer for two days. The customer had paid the deposit in cash. After the customer had left, the rental agent nevertheless began to doubt whether everything was correct. He then went into the Tracefy portal to see where the bike was and it turned out that the bike had been driven straight from Haarlem to Amsterdam. Here, the cargo bike had been stationary for about 24 hours. He then tried to call the renter but could not get hold of him. The landlord did not trust this and immediately drove to the location of the bike. When he got there, all the 'Haarlem bike' stickers had been removed from the bike and it was clear that it was stolen. He then rang the doorbell at the house in question and it turned out that the residents had bought the bike on marketplace for €4,000.

The entrepreneur then immediately called the police and then drove to the house of the alleged 'seller' together with the police. The bike thief was immediately arrested and the Urban Arrow cargo bike was returned to Haarlem Bicycle the same evening.


Url article: https://nieuwsfiets.nu/2021/11/11/gestolen-urban-arrow-teruggevonden-dankzij-tracefy/