Activation by workshop Tracefy SOLO

STEP 1: Activating with NFC

Activate the SOLO using your smartphone's NFC.

Hold the SOLO against the back of your smartphone at the level of the NFC chip.
(Click here for more information.)

STEP 2: Install via Tracefy Portal

Upon successful activation, you can click through to the Tracefy Portal where you can log in the vehicle.

The tracker ID is filled in automatically after logging in.

STEP 3: Remove sticker

Remove the sticker before mounting the SOLO tracker

Recognition by malicious parties is thus prevented.

STEP 4: Install tracker in vehicle

Install the SOLO in the vehicle out of direct sight. Behind a removable (plastic) part of the vehicle.

- Place the SOLO with the right side up!

- Never place the SOLO inside the bike's frame, the tracker will not function.