GPS Tracker E-bike

Your e-bike, you take care of it. A GPS tracker for your e-bike or an electric bike with GPS tracker is therefore extremely popular. Unfortunately, bicycle theft is still very common. And e-bikes are also very popular among bicycle thieves due to their high purchase value. Of course, you always want to prevent theft, but should it happen anyway, it's nice to know that thanks to the ebike gps tracker, there's a good chance it will be recovered. And because of this high chance of recovering your e-bike, you also get a discount on your bicycle insurance.

Multifunctional tracker for electric bicycle

The gps tracker for your e-bike is not only useful to find it again after theft. Since this gps tracker also tracks your rides, you can see afterwards exactly which routes you all rode and, based on the number of kilometres ridden, you get a reminder when it is time for periodic maintenance again. Handy! This way, your e-bike gps tracker is completely in service of your cycling behaviour. An electric bike with gps tracker is the next step in cycling innovation.

Best GPS tracker for E-bike

Tracefy offers the GPS solution for your e-bike. Thanks to the battery of your electric bike, the tracker is always powered. Our GPS tracker is therefore also specifically designed for the e-bike. The tracker is additionally built in by recognised dealers. This is because it is important that the tracker is untraceable and cannot simply be switched off or dismantled. For this reason, we decided to only use a network of authorised dealers to install your GPS tracker. Fortunately, you can easily find your local dealer on our website and there is always one nearby.

What does a GPS tracker for e-bikes cost?

The purchase price includes mounting in your e-bike. There are also two types of subscriptions available. You may wonder why you keep paying monthly to use your e-bike GPS tracker. With our electric bike GPS tracker, you are always online. You also use our app to keep track of your bike data. We charge a monthly fee for its maintenance. View our current Tracefy rates

E-bike tracking with Tracefy

Are you also done with all those bike thefts? Then buy your Tracefy GPS tracker today. The steps are simple. Find your dealer, get the gps tracker installed in your e-bike, download the app and activate the tracking. That way, you can track your electric bike from the office or at home on the couch today. Better though, your e-bike just stays in place when you're not on it yourself.