Insure electric bicycle with Tracefy

You want to prevent your bicycle from being stolen, but if it is stolen you want to limit the damage. Tracefy of course, helps you with the GPS tracker to find your bike easily, but this can never be guaranteed. Insuring your bicycle is therefore a frequently chosen option. However, there are conditions attached to bicycle insurance. In the event of theft, the value of your bike is not simply paid out in euros. The Tracefy app is one of those conditions. Because insurers also want to limit their losses. A GPS tracker increases the chances of recovering the stolen bike and discourages bike thieves.

Track and trace mandatory with Connected bicycle insurance

As of 1 April 2022, insurers will offer the so-called Connected coverage. This is a comprehensive cover for your e-bike bicycle insurance for both damage and theft. Via Tracefy, you qualify for a discount on the theft portion of the insurance premium. However, you must meet specific requirements. Because the word says it all, your bike has to be 'connected'. This means that your e-bike must be equipped with a GPS tracker. And since this is not always supplied as standard in e-bikes, Tracefy provides the solution. The GPS tracker is built in effortlessly and you know exactly where your bike is with the help of the app.

Connected bicycle insurance

Do you want to take out a new bicycle insurance and do you not yet have a GPS tracker in your bicycle? A dealer search is simple. Check out our affiliated dealers near you and find out immediately where you can have the Tracefy system installed and take out the insurance. The advantage is that you can easily find your bike again, but you also get an immediate discount on your new bicycle insurance.

Tracefy is an authorised provider of the bicycle track and trace system and cooperates with the bicycle insurances of Kingpolis and ENRA. View the current insurance conditions on the insurer's website.