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Consumers are increasingly opting for an electric bicycle, scooter or kickscooter. This is logical, because electric bicycles offer many advantages: they are often faster, more durable and cheaper than cars. A disadvantage is that electric bicycles are popular targets with thieves. Consumers want to protect themselves against this and GPS can help.

As a producer you can offer a unique and innovative USP by offering your e-bikes or e-scooters 'connected'; equipped with a Tracefy GPS tracker. This protects the vehicle better against theft, but such a GPS tracker has more advantages for both manufacturer and end user.

Protection against theft

By fitting e-Bikes or e-Scooters with a Tracefy GPS tracker, you offer consumers additional protection against theft, as well as the possibility of easily tracing a stolen vehicle. Vehicles fitted with the Tracefy GPS tracker are secured with geofence, a virtual lock. Via an app on the phone, the user is alerted if his vehicle is moved. Many bicycle insurance companies already give a twenty percent discount on an all-risk insurance policy for bicycles fitted with the Tracefy GPS tracker.

Reading out bike data

In addition to offering added value to end users, Tracefy's GPS tracker enables bicycle manufacturers to read out anonymous data in an online dashboard. For example, ride data to gain more insight into usage or information about the E-bike system for product improvement, warranty processing and trouble shooting.


The Tracefy-GPS system gives end users access to their vehicle (usage) data (battery status, mileage registration, routes) via the customer app. Via the app, bike manufacturers can send the end user notifications, for example for maintenance at a certain mileage.

Manufacturer, cycle shop and OEM

For manufacturers, the great advantage is that 'connected' vehicles form a live and continuous test panel. This panel generates new data every day. This provides answers to questions such as: How are the vehicles used? What is the average trip distance? How often is the vehicle used? Everything you need for targeted marketing activities and product development can be found in the Tracefy online dashboard. Valuable information such as journey times, distances and battery consumption help to target product improvement and development, and provide guidance for setting up appropriate warranty programs. In addition to a GPS connection via the Tracefy IoT unit, the tracker also has a wireless connection to the vehicle's on-board computer. This allows errors and update the software without having to take the bike back to the dealer.

For cycle brands: marketing

The customer-app offers the possibility to get in touch with the end user and vice versa. The possibilities are endless. For example, sending a notification when the vehicle is due for service, for example after a certain period of time or a certain number of kilometres driven. But also sending an invitation to appreciate the product. Or offering a temporary or permanent possibility to make suggestions for product improvements.

For manufacturers: Connect & Go

Entire series connected in 10 weeks

Tracefy's Connect & Go concept offers bicycle manufacturers the opportunity to make a whole series of e-bikes 'connected' within a lead time of around ten weeks. Including the handy application in their own house style, in which vehicle data can be read out. Delivery to the App- and Google Play Store is included.

Tracefy takes care of this from A to Z. Tracefy works with a 'plug & play' can-bus connection. The Tracefy system is compatible with the better known e-bike systems such as Bafang, Shimano, Bosch and Brose, but links and connections can also be provided for other systems.

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