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Consumers are increasingly opting for an electric bike. This makes sense, as electric bikes offer many advantages: they are often faster, more durable and cheaper than cars. One disadvantage is that electric two-wheelers are sought-after objects of thieves. Consumers want to protect themselves against this and this can be done with a GPS solution.  As a manufacturer, you can offer a unique and innovative USP by making your e-bikes  'connected'; equipped with a Tracefy GPS tracker. This makes the vehicle better protected against theft, but such a GPS tracker has more advantages for both manufacturer and end user.

Tracefy offers a handy app that allows the end user to see the location of the bike in real time, as well as the battery status and all routes and ride data. White label app development is carried out free of charge for the client and can be developed in any house style. Delivery to the App Store and Google Play Store is also included. Client then lifts in updates and new features for the app released by Tracefy free of charge.

Tracefy hardware

Different sensors are used for the best possible GPS reception. Tracefy works with a 'plug & play' connection. The Tracefy system is compatible with the better-known e-bike systems such as from Bafang, Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha and Brose. For other systems, Tracefy provides the necessary couplings and connections.

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