Get a grip on your electric vehicles with Tracefy

Tracefy is the market leader in GPS solutions for managing (fleets of) small (electric) vehicles. An invisibly concealed GPS tracker gives the owner of e-bikes, e-scooters and other (e-)mobility vehicles valuable data in real time, giving him insight into the location, performance and state of maintenance of each individual vehicle. The vehicles are thus 'connected'. All this data is simple to consult in an online dashboard and/or in an app.

Data exchange through connected vehicles

With the Tracefy system, any type of electric bike or scooter is connected and sends real-time location data. By cleverly using GPS, we connect your vehicle(s) to a powerful online platform on which data exchange takes place. At any time of the day, you have insight into your vehicle(s): where they are, how they are performing, when they need maintenance. And the reach is almost limitless. Whether a vehicle is in the city or just outside: Tracefy's advanced tracking software has a highly accurate location view.

Applications for shared vehicles and rental

Applications for shared vehicles and rental

Strong in fleet management with Tracefy!

The Tracefy system makes managing your fleet of electric vehicles 'a walk in the park':

Insight into location and availability

See in real time where vehicles are and if they are available.

Optimising routes

Optimise (delivery) routes and guarantee agreed service levels.


Track lost, stolen or misplaced vehicles easily.


Easily export trip data for kilometre registration, per vehicle, per group, per fleet or for different fleets.


Receive a notification when maintenance is required and schedule maintenance based on actual usage and wear.

Strategic planning

Use long-term collected data for strategic planning, decision-making and research.

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