Frequently asked questions
  • Why can't I use the Tracefy portal?
    The portal is only for bike dealers and B2B customers in fleet management. If you are interested in our business services please contact us.
  • How long can the GPS tracker work on the backup battery?

    Approximately 2 1/2 weeks. NOTE: This is with a full backup battery and when the bicycle is not in use. When cycling without a battery, the back-up battery will be empty more quickly.

  • Does the tracker fit in every E-bike ?

    Our GPS sleeve tracker fits +- 95% of all E-bikes. Get advice on this from one of our dealers.

  • Can the GPS tracker be used for any vehicle?

    The GPS tracker is for e-bikes, scooters, cars and electric scooters. Not for normal bikes.

  • How many vehicles can be added to the app?

    Up to five vehicles can be added in the app.

  • Can vehicles be shared with other users?

    No, the app is bound to one user. However, it is possible to log in on multiple phones with the same account.

  • After paying, the screen hangs with the text 'this may take a while, grab a coffee'. How long does it take?

    This takes a very long time. Force close and restart the app and the problem is solved.

  • I can't add my bike in the app. What should I do?

    Please contact us, we are available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30 on +31(0)10 307 3199

  • Why can the purchase price differ from one dealer to another?

    Our recommended retail price is €199 excluding connector. The dealer may charge extra for a connector + any installation costs. 

  • When do I get a discount on my insurance premium?

    You get a discount on your insurance premium with ENRA (25%) and Kingpolis and the ANWB (both 20%) if you have the Tracefy GPS tracker installed.

  • What is the cost of the gps tracker ?

    Our recommended retail price of the GPS tracker is €199. We offer the connectivity and tracking subscription from €69.95 per year.

  • Can I also order a Tracefy GPS tracker on-line?

    Because we want to make sure the GPS tracker is installed correctly, you can only purchase our GPS tracker and have it installed at one of our many dealers.

  • What if there is no dealer near me?

    Just contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our mobile service partners.