Theft & Detection

Bike gone? Tracefy is at your service!

Tracefy is a young tech company with a team of enthusiastic professionals. We are the only company in the Netherlands that offers a complete and sustainable GPS solution. Our service not only provides a super-strong bike GPS tracker, but also includes an app that allows you to keep track of the location of your bike at all times. And has it got away? Then you can count on the support of a specialised tracking service to make sure it comes back to you. In addition, you get a discount on your bicycle insurance of Kingpolis or ENRA if you have chosen the 'recovery' subscription including tracking. 


1. You can buy the Tracefy GPS tracker from one of Tracefy's affiliated dealers. Our recommended retail price is €199. The GPS tracker is invisibly built into your bicycle and connected to the power supply of
the E-bike.

2. Go to the App store or Google play store and download the "Tracefy" app

3. Register your bike via the frame number, choose the desired subscription and pay via the ap


Through the app, you can choose a connectivity only subscription (€49.95 per year) or a connectivity and tracking subscription (€79.95 per year).

With a subscription with tracking, you can rely on a specialised tracking service (G4S) to recover your bike in case of theft. You activate this service with the "my bike has been stolen" notification button in the Tracefy app. Some 90% of stolen bikes are recovered by G4S, if you want even more security you can also insure your bike against theft. Kingpolis and ENRA insurances give a discount of 20% on bikes with a subscription including tracking. 

The chance that your bicycle will be found using the bicycle GPS tracker is high, but it does not offer 100% security. If you want more security, you can also insure your bicycle against theft. The insurance companies ENRA and Kingpolis give a discount of 20% on their bicycle insurance for bicycles fitted with a Tracefy trace and recovery subscription.


With the Tracefy app, you are always virtually connected to your bike and can see where your bike is, among other things. But the app offers many more useful features. You get a notification when your bike is moved, you can see all the routes you rode, distances, calories, etc. And is your bike stolen? Then you can easily report it via the app and the tracking service will get to work.