Tracefy SOLO

The new standalone GPS Tracker for your bike.

Tracefy SOLO GPS Tracker: €129.95
3-year subscription: €69.95 per year

New stand-alone GPS tracker: Tracefy SOLO

We have developed a new GPS tracker, the 'Tracefy SOLO'. With the Tracefy SOLO, you have an affordable GPS tracker that is really only intended for track-and-trace after theft.

The SOLO, like the Tracefy PRO, is installed invisibly in your e-bike by a specialist but not connected to the e-bike's power supply. For the SOLO, its own internal battery suffices. Instead of a real-time location, the SOLO gives a location six times a day. You won't get a notification if your bike moves.

If you see that your bike has disappeared, you can make a notification in the SOLO App, after which the detection service will act immediately to recover it. The SOLO will be available through our dealers from April 2024 and comes with a three-year connectivity and tracking subscription. After three years, the SOLO should be replaced.

Difference from other stand-alone trackers and sounding transmitters

There are already some similar products on the market such as sounding transmitters, but they typically only use the LoRa network for location determination. LoRa stands for "Long Range" and is a wireless communication technology designed to transmit small amounts of data over long distances with low power consumption. We also use LoRa for the SOLO and, as a result, we do not need to connect the SOLO to the e-bike's power supply. The disadvantage of the LoRa network is that it only has coverage in the Netherlands and coverage in outlying areas is not that good yet. For this reason, among others, we have also added a GPS sensor that we can activate in case of theft. This way, we also have accurate location in outlying areas and just across the border. This also makes Tracefy the first provider of a stand-alone tracker for e-bikes with GPS tracking.


The Tracefy SOLO, like the Tracefy PRO, is approved by all well-known bike insurers. So if your e-bike requires a GPS tracker to insure it against theft, you can choose both the PRO and the SOLO. ENRA insurances, ANWB and Unigarant give a discount on theft insurance if your bike is equipped with the Tracefy PRO or SOLO.

Tracefy SOLO app

The SOLO comes with its own app that you can download under the name 'Tracefy SOLO' in the Google Play and App Store. Unlike the Tracefy PRO, you won't have real-time location or trip tracking, but you will have up-to-date location 6 times a day. In addition, you can use the SOLO App to directly activate the Tracefy tracking service in case of theft. Choose the Tracefy PRO to always see a real-time location and extended features such as trip registration, notification when moving, routes and statistics. The distinction between the two GPS trackers is further clarified in the table below.