Efficient maintenanceplans lease e-bikes and scooters

GreenMo uses the Tracefy GPS system for efficient planning of maintenance of her fleet of lease vehicles.

Company: GreenMo - market leader in leasing (electric) vehicles, including (electric) scooters, electric cargo bikes and electric bicycles, for last mile delivery focused on meal and mail delivery in the Netherlands and England. GreenMo uses a full-service vehicle rental concept including mobility guarantee, maintenance and insurance. Customers include Takeaway, Domino's, Sandd and PostNL.

Customer demand: GreenMo remains the owner of the vehicles and wants to be able to carry out efficient fleet management: to have an overview of the fleet, to be able to see its use and on that basis, easily plan maintenance and take the work out of their customers' hands. They also want to use the GPS solution to offer extra value to their customers. 

Application: optimising maintenance and relieving customers of all their worries. Expansion of services to customers.

Tracefy in practice: GreenMo has optimised the management of its fleet through an API link between Tracefy's online dashboard and its own operational system. Because these are in fact different smaller fleets at different customers, they have also distributed the vehicles in the dashboard per customer. They offer their customers (paid) access to the data of their vehicles in the online dashboard. GreenMo can create, manage and invoice the required licenses per customer. If desired, GreemMo's customers can also create an API link to their own software. For example, to offer consumers the possibility to follow their order in real time.