With the enormous growth in Internet purchases, the need for solutions to deliver orders to the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible is also increasing. Especially in urban areas, small electric vehicles such as bicycles, scooters and sometimes lev's are quickly chosen. Whether you have your own fleet or a leased one: everyone wants to have insight into the performance of their fleet and the delivery people who use the vehicles. Are they achieving the service levels in terms of delivery times? Where is a delivery driver and when will he be available for the next order? When is a vehicle due for maintenance? These are questions that you would like to have answers to, but which can lead to considerable administration. Unless you use the Tracefy system. This gives you an insight into what you want to know about your fleet at any time of the day. As well as a GPS tracker that is invisibly concealed, Tracefy also offers an online dashboard where data from the GPS tracker such as location and journey data can be read in real time. This data enables you to manage your fleet on the basis of data instead of wet-finger work. The Tracefy system is reliable because of its high quality and widely deployable because the universal GPS unit fits into any vehicle.

Applications for delivery services

Optimisation of service levels

The data in the dashboard easily tells you how your fleet and your delivery staff are performing. You can see if agreed delivery times are being met, what the fastest routes are, where a delivery driver is and when he or she is available for another delivery.

Service for the end user

An API link shares real-time location data with the end consumer. So he knows exactly where his order is. Customers will call less often about the delivery time of their order.


How many kilometres have been driven with a vehicle and in what kind of area? When is a vehicle due for maintenance? For each vehicle, you can set up a notification to be sent when a certain number of kilometres have been driven. In this way, the system keeps track of when a vehicle is in need of maintenance. As soon as you receive a notification, you can see in the dashboard where the vehicle is located.

Strong in fleet management with Tracefy!

The Tracefy system makes managing your fleet of electric vehicles 'a walk in the park':

Insight into location and availability

See in real time where vehicles are and if they are available.

Optimising routes

Optimise (delivery) routes and guarantee agreed service levels.


Track lost, stolen or misplaced vehicles easily.


Easily export trip data for kilometre registration, per vehicle, per group, per fleet or for different fleets.


Receive a notification when maintenance is required and schedule maintenance based on actual usage and wear.

Strategic planning

Use long-term collected data for strategic planning, decision-making and research.

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